Value Checking

The average checking account now loses nearly $200 a year. Our Value Checking program has proven to dramatically reduce these losses for our clients. Value Checking combines Identity Theft Protection and Credit Score Reporting, two services highly valued by consumers, with the financial institution's checking account to create a value-added solution for which consumers are willing to pay a fee.

Overdraft Privilege

Our industry-leading Overdraft Privilege Service (ODP) has helped community banks and credit unions in 48 states increase the value of their core customer base. In addition to significant profit gains in as little as two months, our programs generate higher customer loyalty and lower regulatory risk. We only earn a fee if you see profit improvement, so we work hard to ensure program success.


StrunkAccess provides easy-to-use online tools for managing your Overdraft Privilege program and staying up to date with compliance requirements. It includes a keyword searchable library of compliance documents, Strunk-recommended ODP policies and Strunk-developed training courses and exams. With StrunkAccess, Strunk clients receive on-going support to ensure they and their staffs remain in compliance with law and regulation, while increasing profitability and customer satisfaction.

Get Started

Strunk provides the focus, experience and resources your organization needs to increase the value of the 80% of your customer base that is unprofitable - with no risk to your institution beyond reimbursed travel.

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Windows Server 2003 User?

Microsoft support for Windows Server 2003 ended on July 14th. If you are still running on Server 2003, you should consider upgrading to the lasted version of ODP Manager, which is cloud-hosted and upgraded continuously.

New: Hosted ODP Manager

A hosted software application that ensures your ODP program’s on-going success

The most powerful tool available to help financial institutions get the most benefit out of their overdraft programs and remain in full compliance with the law has been completely re-written from the ground up to be more powerful, flexible and easier to use. It is now provided as a cloud-hosted application, taking full advantage of the latest software developments and eliminating the need for users to maintain a separate application in their own network environment.